Aqua Illumination Sol Super Blue LED Part 1

I finally did it! spent $500 on this new lighting system! The Aqua Illumination Sol Super Blue LED

I was trying to cut corner and being cheap when I first set up my 92 Corner. I bought the cheapest Metal Halide+T5 system available online at that time- The Odyssea from
Don’t get me wrong, I got exactly what I paid for- not a whole lot of coral growth and not so pretty color.

So I then bought some LED system try to make the color “pop”
The color looked a lot better after that but the coral growth was still painfully slow.
So then I decided it’s time to step into the 21st century.

I first saw this fixture at the local aquarium store. They hung four Ai Sol super blue over their coral frag tanks and the color looked amazing. I then did some research and read some reviews online then decided to give it a shot.

Placed the order on Drs. Foster & Smith online pet supply store. The order was placed late Saturday night and even with standard ground shipping I received it Tuesday morning. I am very pleased with the shipping time.

The coolest part of this light is the ability to program sunrise, sunset, lunar cycle, and weather. So the controller is a must (see above). I will go over details of the controller and its functions in my next post.

The controller looks like of like an old generation ipod nano. It comes with a simple velcro and screw so you can mount it near the tank. The power cord comes with a USB cable and adopter. My only complain is the connection between the USB cable and adopter is rather loose. So you must make sure all components remain stable and that no one trips over the cords or it’ll just fall off.
The light is surprisingly a bit heavier than I thought, and also larger when compare to the photos online. I do like its sleek design, it definitely add value to the overall appearance of the tank. The hanging kit is optional, depends on how many units you are purchasing and how is your aquarium cabinet built, you might be able to skip it since the fixture itself does come with screws that can conveniently offer easy hanging option.
Alright guys, I will save the best for last. Tomorrow I will go over how to program and set up this light over the tank, and then I will wrap up the final post with some awesome photos to show off what this light can do.

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