20140803 Waikiki Aquarium- Hawaiian Island Fish

The next exhibition after the show piece clams is the local species from the Hawaiian Islands tank. This tank also features natural sunlight with corals- the corals aren’t as abundant, large, and colorful as the South Pacific display, but the fish in the tank is no less vibrant than that of the previous tank.

Waikiki Aquarium

 In the photo above you can spot some of the more common fish in the N.American aquarium trade such as banner fish, anthias, cleaner wrass (should not be sold to individual owners), convict tangs, etc. But also many rare, expensive species- the masked angel, the Yellow pyramid butterflyfish, and the super expensive Bandit Angelfish (click on the link to see how much you should expect it to be)

Blue line Tang

 In this trip, the one fish that captured my attention is the blue line tang. To be honest, no responsible aquarium retail store should sell this fish to an average hobbyist. Because they can grow to an enormous size, as I have witnessed while snorkeling. But their beauty is truly unrivaled. This is the one fish I will not keep in my tank, but hoping to someday surround myself with when I move out to Hawaii.

Waikiki Aquarium

Another look at the $1000 fish- the bandit angel.

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