Freshwater folks at the Aquatic Experience

This is a part II post of the Chicago Aquatic Experience. And this is about Freshwater collection.

For years my family kept freshwater tank- primarily planted Amazonian tank with tetras and angels. I never really got into African Cichlid even though I think they are beautiful and would really love to have a tank of them some day. My current freshwater collection is Goldfish and a tropical tank with Angels and discus. But I am open to other varieties as long as they all play nice with each other.

Tank below is a nice display of a jumbo Royal pleco, stingray, and some electric blue rams.

Royal Pleco

Below is one of the African Cichlid tanks presented by Imperialtropicals. They have some really nice freshwater fish. I got some rainbow fish and some rainbow rasbora from him.

Peacock Cichlid

Here is a bunch of cherry shrimp! a beautiful display by tropical aquarium plants ltd.


And here is an impressive installation of Amazonian river display by

Planted Tanks

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