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Boat out to the Sea

The island of Ambergris Caye (pronounce “key”) started out as a sand bar from coral rubbles and coconut trees. Sand eventually grew and formed today’s barrier reef island. A chain of barrier reef and island forms the largest reef system in the Western Hemisphere just outside of Belize.


ambergris caye barrier reef lagoon san pedro
Ambergris Caye from the sky. The lighter part is the lagoon. You can also see the white line separating the dark water and turquoise water- the barrier reef

And one of the best ways to travel between the main land and the islands is to take the water taxi- it can be a bumpy ride at times. But it is safe (you are traveling on the lagoon/reef shallow water this whole time). If the boat ever sinks, you’ll be standing on the deck with your waist above water (possibly your knees to, depends on location), economic, and very scenic in my opinion.

san pedro water taxi belize
The San Pedro water taxi- the most common way to travel between The City (Belize City) and the islands.
Cabe Calker Belize
A view of the island from the boat ride- this is Caye Calker, one stop before San Pedro
pelicans San Pedro Belize
Pelicans hanging out by the pier San Pedro Belize

And finally when your feet are on the soft sands of the island- it’s just time to let everything go- that’s what the pelicans told me- they never worked a day in their lives and they get fed by the fisherman at the market everyday!

hermit crab Belize San Pedro
just a ball of hermit crabs- my guess is there must have been a dead fish there that they were devouring, or… it’s mating season
San pedro Belize
a calming view of the beach



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