Same tank, new house

Last month we said bye bye to the house we gratefully owned for five years. We moved to a more spacious house and you know I have upgrade and expansions in mind. But before that I actually first downsized before I can upgrade- reduced from seven tanks to five. The 180 is now sitting in the basement of my new house with everyone safely transfered and more!

We hired a crew of three strong guys to help lift this 300lb tank (empty) from the basement to the truck, then the truck to the basement of our new house. I temporarily held all rocks and livestock in the 90 corner for three weeks while we move, set up, and cycle the tank from ground.

By the time we actually moved all the livestock over the tank was fully cycled and all ready to go. I also took the opportunity to rearrange rockwork and introduced the lemonpeel angel and the copperband butterfly to the tank as everyone reset their territories.

I also took the opportunity to correct some of the misplanning when I last set up the tank including: leaving a foot wide space behind the tank for utility access, adding utility rug under the tank to protect the floor, and plan out the electricals better. Additonally, I decided to move away from the canopy and have an open top with the light stand. I know this is a bit risky- and I did lose a wrasse from jumping in the first week. But overall I really dont have jumpers and everyone seems to be getting along just fine. I like the easy access and that I am able to now step back for a better view of the tank.

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