Tri color valida

New SPS frags for sale!

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I have just sold some sps frags (small polyp stony coral). Yet it is getting too crowded in my little frag farm already.

If you read this and is in my area (Madison WI), feel free to comment to come visit my stock. Most of the ones posted below have some siblings available too!

Classic tricolor acropora
This is a classic tri color acropora.

This frag above is special. It was a chunk of rubble No more than 1/8” that I glued and grew out over the course of last five months. I am pricing it at $20 which I believe is at or slightly below market. But the sentimental value of watching a single polyp grow to this size is priceless.

Dark knight acropora
My dark knight bushy acropora

The frag above is probably one of the most abundantful corals I have. I have a 6”x6” colony that I can easily cut 30 frags in one sitting and still have plenty branches to spare. Show how fast this guy grows. Priced at $20 way below market.

Strawberry shortcake acropora
The strawberry color is finally coming through

Similar to the dark knight, my strawberry shortcake also have a good size colony going. Except the one in my display tank is under too strong of light it is completely pink! I had to frag it and place them in slightly simmer frag tank to actually color up. Priced at $30, again way below market.

Tri color valida
The valida acropora

Funny story about this guy. I got this from a friend who chopped off a 3” single branch from his colony for $40. The original color was just purple, nothing else. Overtime this valida began to really reveal its color as I place it under more blue LED lights. Guarantee no photoshop and this is exactly what you see with your naked eyes under 2K lighting. Priced at $30.

Wild toxic neon tabling acropora
This is a wild Indonesian colony of tabling acropora

Funny story about this guy: when I had originally picked it up the colony was bright neon yellow. I later learned that is actually the color when corals are stressed from high water temperature and is on the verge of death. After six months being in the tank it still retains that neon color but have shifted more towards green. Priced at $20.

Yellow tip acropora
The yellow tip acropora, when it gets a bit larger it will display green base, purple stalk, and yellow tip.

The amazing yellow tip acropora. I received the original frag at a bit smaller than this about eight months ago. By now I have a six inch spread colony with plenty of frags. A fast grower. The most amazing thing about this guy is the layers of colors you get: green base, purple and pink stalk with yellow tip. Priced at $30 but have seen many retail it at double that.

Pink birdsnest coral
The pink birds nest coral

Another coral with stories to tell. Originally got it as a 2” frag. Took less thank six months to expand into a full colony. At one point I messed with the lighting and the colony did not like it, it began to bleach from the inside out. I quickly snipped the branch tips and glued them onto plugs. This frag grew from 1/2” to 2” in four months. Not particularly fast but I am glad to have salvaged them. I will have to say though, that it is my personal opinion to have seen birdsnest corals being more delicate than acropora.

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