Monday Tank Updates (From weekend maintenance)

Hello everyone, welcome (back) to my blog. Steven here. I hope everyone had a nice and relaxed weekend! Normally during the weekend I get to focus more effort to work on my tanks. So lots of water change, rearrangement, and cleaning are happening over the weekend. For this reason, the weekend is also not a very good time to film, and present the tank as most of the time it’s a mess, cloudy, and/or my hands are just wet from working on them.

I’ve put together a video here narrating what I did this weekend. Please feel free to view it if you wish to skip the reading:

I did some significant landscape change in my 50 gallon reef– I’ve pulled out the 8″ side Cliff’s acro originally sitting there and replaced the space with a frag of my pink paletta. I’ve found that the Cliff’s acro did not like the light intensity of the spot, but the pink does!

I’ve also moved one of the acro formosa colonies off the sand bed, and mounted it onto the back of the tank. I tried to secure this colony, along with two other wobbly ones with chunks of fast growing torts and montis.

I’ve also placed another order to replenish some of my lps collection. I will have the grand reveal by end of week. stay tuned!

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