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Safe Reefing during COVID19

Tank Update
I owe everyone a tank update shot- here is a “very” recent shot of the sps farm

If you are reading this, I hope you and your loved ones have managed to stay clear of the virus that threw everyone around the world into a frenzy in 2020. Aquariums stored were closed for months, and even when they are opened back up, there are plenty of safety precautions to take when visiting. Almost all aquarium trade shows and frag swaps have been cancelled or at the very least, postponed. As the world come to a halt so has the aquarium trade, in some aspects.

Fortunately, given today’s tech advancements many innovative business owners and hobbyists have taken their businesses and passion online to set up shops, showcase livestock, and complete contactless transactions!

I am one such! I have piled up hundreds of frags over the course of several months due to the lack of human interaction. And finally I’ve had it- the tanks are running out of room and my calcium level is being syphoned like something is leaking. So I had to pack up my frag packs, post them online, and accept electronic payments with contactless pick ups!

coral frags, sps, stony corals, acropora, mdntipora
A handsome pack of sps corals for a bargain price to those hobbyists wanting to satisfy their shopping craving.

I have faith that the pandemic will eventually goes under control, and that with caution, we’d be able to find some of our former lifestyles back, including trade shows and conventions. Though going forward I will always have a habit of carrying a mask, and wearing them in crowded spaces. And that perhaps touching things while shopping will have to be vetted out of my habit to not pick up a merchandize unless I am absolutely keeping it. And to always have hand sanitizers handy.

What are some of your COVID19 shopping tips? How have you been protecting your self while making livestock trades?

Close up view of my basic frag pack:

  1. The Orange Mdntipora Capricorn- a reef tank staple with bright orange color that always captures people’s attention from afar.
mdntipora cap
Mdntipora Capricorn

The blue Millipore that gets so fluffy it looks like a hairy leg! I also secretly call it “Yandu”, because it is the exact color of his face!

blue milli
Blue Millipora, I nicknamed the colony “Yandu”

The Cliff’s coral, due to Cliff’s proximity in the area this coral is very abundant, but is definitely a show stopper for any community who’s never seen one:

Cliff's Acro
Cliff’s Acro has the signature green backdrop with purple tips.

The TCN Yellow Tort, at least that’s what Liveaquaria sold it as. It’s never been yellow, but has always been glowing a toxic green:

TCN yellow tort
TCN Yellow Tort, never yellow, probably better fitting calling a toxic green tort

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