Nyos Instant Plankton- An Honest review of this (Great or Aweful?) product

Hello Everyone, Steven here. Thank you for joining me again to discuss coral feeding. Today I will provide you my honest opinion on Nyos Instant Plankton.

Disclaimer 1: I am by no means a marine scientist or claim to be a nutrition expert for corals. I am purely expressing my opinion on the products. I welcome anyone with expert knowledge in this topic to provide your feedback.

Disclaimer 2: I was not paid or endorsed to provide the review. This review is 100% personal opinion.

If you’d like to skip the reading and hear my opinion and watch me dose this food into the tank, feel free to click the video below:

First, some facts:

This food is produced by German company Nyos. It comes in a bottle of powder weighing 60 grams, and is sold for $19.99 USD per bottle.

nyos instant plankton

According to the label, the ingredients contains: marine protein (not really sure what that means), marine oils, algae extracts, phospholipids (fat), minerals, vitamin pre-mixture, antioxidants.

Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein 54.2%, crude fat 14.8%, crude fiber 1.3%, ash 20.8%.

nyos instant plankton

So I have a few questions up to this point:

  1. Why are manufacturers allowed to provide such vague description on ingredients? What exactly is marine protein and marine oil? Where are they sourced and what’s the ACTUAL raw ingredients? I don’t find this label confident earners.
  2. What exactly is important to corals? Do corals really need fat? I can see fat being beneficial to inverts, but corals? If you have good insight in this please share.
  3. Why is there such a high % of “ash”. Personally when I see “ash” I think filler. correct me if I am wrong but I don’t believe there is any nutritional value in ash, am I wrong? so why am I paying 1/5 of my money for something that has no value in it?

In my video, you will see that mixing this product with water is extremely frustrating. The fatty content is very water resistant. The product must be pre-mixed outside of tank, cannot be dosed directly to the tank as it doesn’t sink readily. I’d much rather Nyos just premix this product in a liquid form and sell it in a bottle of plankton juice.

nyos instant plankton
the powder isn’t very soluble and tends to clump up on the surface- annoying to say the least

Lastly, for the money I find this product quite light in content and isn’t quite worth the buck for what you pay. The measuring spoon is tiny and the label demands a very high level of consumption which I absolutely disagree with.

Overall, I personally would not consider purchasing this product again. I think there are better products at prettier price point than Nyos Plankton. And I’d love to see the product designers to improve the label for more transparency in the ingredients, and reconsider the format it is being sold to help reefers easier dosing and feeding.

Happy to hear your opinion on this product.

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