2014-05-07 Livestock Sportlight- Rock Anemone

So I have not seen many great deals online recently. Instead of writing and sharing any coupons or discounts, I think I’ll share something about rock anemone (or flower anemone):
Here is a really beautiful specimen at Pacific East Aquaculture: http://www.pacificeastaquaculture.com

rock flower anemone
Rock anemone as seen on Pacific East Aquaculture
In my opinion, They are one of the most beautiful, lower-price point (in comparison to other reef critters) marine animals you can find.
I have personally kept a few of them in the past and present. They really are not very demanding at all. Moderate to strong light (if you feed frequently, I think you might even get away with low light).
medium to low water flow (anemones, in general, don’t like strong flow). They don’t really host clownfish, so you might be disappointed if that’s your goal. And they might be aggressive enough to consume small (and very dumb) fish. So if you have small and slow fish such as mandarine, seahorse, etc, please don’t bother.
They will take food from you, but not larger chunks. Sometimes they are a bit picky with what they want, so keep trying different things across the menu and eventually when you find what they like, you can then just stick with it. I’ve seen some beautiful tanks stocked with a bunch of this as a species tank. They come in a wide array of metallic to pastel colors. So I urge you to not settle for an ordinary one, and go out to find a truly colorful one.

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