Cultivated Reef Order Review

Today I am sharing my experience with Cultivated Reef. This is not a paid advertisement and my opinions are unbiased. I think I might have ordered with Cultivated Reef once in the past. But I cannot recall whether I got a chance to produce a review or not, so here it is!

Cultivated Reef is located in California. The reason why I placed this order with them is because they have both of the sps coral frags I was looking for: An all time classic in Walt Disney, and another classic in Oregon Tort. I’ve also added other classics like Joe the Coral, and a Cali Tort. It’s funny how your tank evolves. At one point I had way too many blues and purples in my tank and not enough red. But then after a couple of tank crashes I now have too many greens and red but no blues! I hope you enjoy my video!