Unique Corals Order Review

I think I might have ordered from Unique Corals once before. Well this time I was on a mission to hunt down some specific ones- The classic all time hobby favorite Strawberry Shortcake acro. And it so happens that not only Unique Corals has them, but they also has Pink Shortcake, as well as a couple LPS (chalice, blastomussa) that looked very attractive too! Main point guys, their frags are massive! I mean, some places might even sell these frags as “Colonies”. I have never seen anyone offer frags in this size. Most frags you find are between 1/2″ to 1″. Unique corals frags not only at at least 1-1/2″, they are also well encrusted on the plug that I had to immediately cut the plug off and glue the whole thing onto a 3″ disc! See my video below!