20150329 Janesville Fragswap

It is amazing that the Wisconsin are has so many aquarium clubs with multiple fragswap or similar community events each year to provide vendors and hobbyists a fair trade platform for quality, and inexpensive experience to fill up their tanks. The event took place at the Janesville convention center, a small venue but sufficient for this function.
janseville fragswap
Before the event begins, all venfors busy prepping for their start.


coral frags
Some sexy corals from one of the vendors

Though there weren’t as many vendors at this event (still an impressive 15 or so) as the Madison fragswap event, the quality of livestock and corals is definitely no lesser than the Madison swap.

torch coral
Torch coral of variety colorations


coral frags
Coral pricing divided by glowstick


lyretail anthias and sea pen
One of the vendors provided some diversity with sea-pen, and a large group of lyre tail anthias


Cool looking nudibranch, though I don’t recommend the average hobbyist keeping these difficult to maintain animals