Biokit Reef vials

Biokit Reef

I have been keeping reef for years and finally I decided to give Biokit Reef a shot. Biokit Reef by Prodibio is a combination of vitamin, amino acid, and probiotics to help the fish, invert, and corals’ metabolism in the tank. From what I have read and heard, it really helps with both the water quality as well as the growth of all creatures in the tank.

biokit Reef

The photos on all online retail tend to be a bit… misleadingly large. I must admit I was a bit surprised by how small this package is, it some in a 3″X3″X3″ cube.  As you can see on the cover, there are 30 vials (five of each of the six varieties) included in this kit.

Biokit Reef vials

Once I open the box, it actually looks pretty cute! My visiting mom happen to peek at it and she said it reminds her of some cosmetic products like skin vitamin serums. I took the first row out so you can see how they are situated in the box.

BioDigest Vial

The kit comes with a small rubber tube you can use to hold the glass tips and break it. I think the only negative comment I have read of, and also personally experienced is the fear of breaking the tips off and losing it. Another minor design flaw is the tip tends to be trapped inside the small tube. If I can suggest I would say a small clamp like tool would a lot nicer to use.

Since my tank system is 180 gallon, I must use three vials of each in 14 days. However, since I am just starting the dosing, I decided to break out one of each and mix into my thawed frozen food to distribute it into the tank over several days, and then break out another vial once that’s finished to slowly break the tank into this system.

I will do another review once I have depleted the current supply to see how my corals, anemones, and clams react to this. I have performed a water test and documented the data and will continue to observe the nitrate level as well as other vitals in the next few weeks.