Red pigeon snow white discus

Freshwater delight

It’s been a while since I discuss my freshwater members. But recently I began to take interest in adding some freshwater fish again so I thought I’d share a little

Goldfish have long been one of the most beautiful fish available in the aquarium trade. They are underrated for their beauty and bear some negative reputation including being dirty. In reality many people think they are dirty because they are so hardy to begin with many people do not keep up with the cleaning and maintenance of goldfish tanks to begin with. But Gold fish are pretty, hardy, easy to keep, and very low maintenance with no need for heater at all.


Here is my 75 Gallon goldfish tank.

And remember I got a couple of Discus almost two months ago? Well, I have the opportunity to add more in my planted hot tub so I found two more: A snow white discus and a red pigeon discus. The best part of this purchase is that not only these fish are beautiful, but they actually lure out the why pair I have had for almost two months into the open and are now eating with better appetite!

Red pigeon snow white discus

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